Auditions and cast information

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Auditions and cast information

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:02 pm

The Talent Factory is a venue for almost all stage acts: Singers, musicians, bands, comics, sketch and Impro groups, dancers, etc. Most entertainers will audition, except those already known to management.
Auditions will consist of:

Singers will be able to sing a "warm-up" song then, a song that highlights the skills and talents of the performer. Pay attention to stage presence, comfort with material, demeanor, and of course, the quality of the voice. Karaoke singers are encouraged to apply (we have monitors)

Comedians / Sketch and IMprov... must be able to do 15 minutes to Feature, and be clean "G" rated material. Those with less but quality material, may end up with cameo's or short scenes. You will be judged on stage presence, comfort level, delivery, timing and above all ORIGINAL material. Unless it's part of your act, it better be original. Also, because this is a static venue, you will need to be writing new material all the time. It's never too early to work on handling hecklers....

Dancers should be precise, flexable, and unique in some manner. As always, presence and presentation are required.

Stage acts: Your stage presence should inspire the audience and should leave them wanting more. Acts need to be unique and exciting. Stage presence and presentation are required. Bands and musicians, bring your own music, unless it is worked out in advance that we will provide the music.

Bands and Musicians: If you have demo CD's of actual performances, please let us know. You may not need to audition. Time will be arranged for those who wish to set up and play for the audition. We will eventually be looking for a house band to accompany the singers.

This is not a complete list and will be adjusted and added to as time passes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

515-382-0085 or 515-975-7553 Larry

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